The Green family owns Hobby Lobby. They are building a Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. Apparently they didn't do it right because the Greens are being investigated by federal authorities.

The museum is assembling a collection of biblical-era artifacts. It seems some of those artifacts were acquired illegally.

A four-year federal investigation showed clay tablets from the MIddle East were purchased illegally from Iraq and shipped to the Green family's headquarters in Oklahoma City.

It could be an innocent mistake, but journalists are suggesting feds don't launch four-year investigations over mis-filed paperwork.

Anonymous sources say an example of a "crime" was listing the value of clay tablets as $300, which is technically true for legal purchases, but ignores the fact that to Iraq these tablets are priceless because they are that country's own history.

The Green family's official response is they accept it's possible some of their thousands of artifacts were obtained illicitly, but not intentionally and they'll fully cooperate with the investigation.

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