When I was growing up, we feared Doberman Pinschers and Rottweilers, and then it seems pit bulls over the last 10 years became the new breed to fear.

There is now good news for pitbull owners is that the Pasco City Council has passed a change in dog licensing for pit bulls.

Pasco Police posted the news on their Facebook page and here is what they said about the ordinance passing:

Pasco City Council unanimously passed a change in Pasco’s dog licensing ordinance on Monday night. The changes should take effect in five days from passage. Your dog will still qualify as a dangerous dog or potentially dangerous dog if he meets the other criteria (bites people, injures or kills animals, etc), BUT he is no longer automatically considered a potentially dangerous dog just because he looks like he might be a pit bull or part pit bull.

This has been a long time coming for Pitbull owners and it's a good thing. Delisting pit bulls as "dangerous" is a step in the right direction. All breeds could be considered "dangerous" and isolating one breed over another should be stopped.

I don't normally get on a soapbox but I'm a huge fan of penalties for owners and not the breed.

I've never agreed with banning a breed or if we are going to ban breeds, it needs to be for all dog breeds that could be considered dangerous and not a specific dog breed.

Those that own pit bulls in Pasco can now legally license their pets and be responsible pet owners thanks to the passing of this new ordinance from the Pasco City Council.

The Council did comment that owners are still responsible for their animals and laws governing those animals are still in effect.

You can check out more details on dog licensing in Pasco here.

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