You learn something new everyday and Thien Kim Ngo of Pasco learned the hard way that once you have been trespassed from a location, if you return, you can be charged with burglary.

The Pasco Police had to intervene on this very unusual story out of the Pasco Goodwill.

On Sunday afternoon at about 4 PM, officers were called to Goodwill Industries store, 307 W Columbia, to trespass a man who had been throwing items at a cashier and poking customers. Officers contacted the man, Thien Kim Ngo, DOB 042471 of Richland, explained that he was trespassed from Goodwill and would be arrested if he returned, and supplied him with a written notice of trespass. He left.

Ngo allegedly chose to re-enter Goodwill almost as soon as officers left, at about 4:20 PM. The cashier reported that Ngo threw two full water bottles at her, hitting her painfully in the side and alarming her greatly. He left again. Officers located him inside his SUV near Volunteer Park at about 7:17 PM. Ngo was booked into Franklin County Jail on an investigative hold for Burglary 1st Degree.

In cases like these, where it appears that someone might benefit from mental health treatment, we can have our decisions forced by the suspect. Officers do not normally have as much arrest discretion in felony cases and violent cases; charging decisions belong to the prosecutors and sentencing typically belongs to the judges. Violent suspects need to be securely locked up, and right now, that means jail.

This case may go in a different direction later, but for today, police acted to make cashiers and others safer in the downtown area.

Kudos to the fine officers of the Pasco Police Department and another case quickly wrapped up. I'm glad the cashiers and customers are safe. you can check out the complete story here ------------> Pasco Police Blotter


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