I was totally floored the other day when I read an article in the Tri City Herald about a Pasco man who spent $10,000 and 180 hours getting his dream tattoo. Big Jim and I talked about him on the air and, lo and behold, he called us!

His name is Mike McWain, a Hanford nuclear worker and Tri-City native who has a passion for the history of baseball. In fact, he's spent the last 15 years collecting a portfolio of art he wanted to have inked on his body! He finally did it this last year.

McWain said, "There's no way I'm going to be cremated." He wants his art to live into eternity.

Look closely and you'll see portraits of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson along with Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Lou Gehrig, Walter Johnson and Ty Cobb. And let's not forget Yankee Stadium -- it's there too. He got the work done locally by tattoo artist Jesse Walsh who owns Asylum Tattoo in Pasco. You can hear his  interview with Big Jim and myself below.

McWain also shared with us his favorite baseball team: The Anaheim (L.A.) Angels, which just happens to be my favorite team as well!