Leave it to the Pasco Police Department to remind us to be safe around ice cream trucks.

With the spring like weather here (for the most part) and warmer temps each week, we're already seeing a growing number of the 'tinkle music' vehicles. The ones that children can pick out from 3 blocks away.

It's amazing; kids cannot hear you in the next room, but they can hear the ice cream truck tones on the wind for 'miles.'

Pasco PD reminds everyone to drive slower if there's an ice cream truck or vehicle in your neighborhood, children will be in tow. And, when you're approaching one that's moving --even slowly-- make sure children safely cross the street and don't dart out in front.

Here's a hilarious video of Officer Ramos channeling her inner child. The barking you hear is K-9 Brit, who obviously wants a moose tracks dog bone!

 If you're looking to 'copy' some of your favorites foods (but few can copy ice cream truck goodies!) here's some to try.


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