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Dave Allen
Dave Allen

TODAY ON “SUBURBAN BIG GAME” we are hunting an invasive species, the Nocturnal Door-Pulling Swiper. The Swiper moves alone or in small groups. It frequents nice neighborhoods with lots of nice vehicles parked unlocked in driveways. The Swiper has a parasitic relationship with the large herds of Subdivision Homeowners in the western areas of Pasco. The Homeowners will often leave their vehicles unlocked in the mistaken belief that their proximity to the house somehow protects them from harm, like a force field. The Swipers, however, will routinely test for force fields but never find any.

Another problem is that the Subdivision Homeowners’ new nesting grounds are seldom equipped with portals that allow a view of the street. By the time you put a three-bay garage on the front, and the guest bedroom or small kids’ bedrooms up there, no-one is awake to look out a front window when they hear something.

The Swipers depicted in these photos from a Ring Video (a suburban trail cam) were in the area of Campolina/ Holland Ln at about 3 AM Tuesday morning. We are interested in tracking the migratory patterns of these Swipers and capturing them for examination. While some folks might be interested in ear tags and radio collars for these roving Swipers, we would actually limit ourselves to a little conversation and perhaps a cage and some relocation.

Anyone with info about these Swipers is urged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Ismael Cano at canoi@pasco-wa.gov about case 19-21619 Theft (and others).

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