Pasco Police proving again that crime doesn't pay as they finally nabbed a suspect that's been on the loose for a while.

The crimes centered on several thefts that included power equipment from Lowes and other big-box retailers. Pasco and Kennewick Police both had been searching for the suspect since they originally posted on April 26th.

credit: pasco police
credit: pasco police


They'd been unable to capture the suspect until yesterday when they finally arrested Josue Daniel Sepulveda-Zuniga in Pasco.

Here are the details of the case as posted by the Pasco Police Department:

Suspect Josue Daniel Sepulveda-Zuniga, DOB 051697 of Pasco, was arrested at about 5 PM on Sandifur near Valdez after officers were forced to physically block the minivan he was driving to make him stop. Arresting officers reported that he attempted to ram the police car in front of him to create space to drive out, but officers adjusted their positioning to keep him there. There was a short standoff with the suspect inside the minivan before he was convinced to exit peacefully. He was arrested without further incident and was booked into Franklin County Jail on investigative holds for Organized Retail Theft and Attempting to Elude.


Pasco Police continued their arrest details below:

On 060421, however, the LPO’s at Lowes reported that they had recognized him again on 060121 but he got away, and they called immediately when they recognized him in the Pasco store again on 060421 at about 4:30 PM.

They reported that this time, he dropped two items, ran to a red minivan, and left. The LPO’s had the license plate for the van. As Officer Branden Upton arrived at Lowes to investigate, sharp-eyed Officer Brad Leininger (K9 Zador’s driver) found the same minivan pulling out onto Sandifur from Valdez.

Always-alert Officer Tom Groom was down the street. The minivan did not want to stop but got successfully boxed in front and back by the patrol cars. Officer Leininger spent some time calming the suspect down as other officers quickly arrived. Although we had our 37mm projectile launcher, TASER-brand CEW’s, and K9 Zador available, in the end, the suspect was talked into putting down a weapon and exiting the minivan cooperatively. The minivan was registered to a family member.

Another example of why crime doesn't pay, you might get away with it a few times but the odds are that the police will eventually catch up with you. You can check out more details on the case here.  

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