Always LOCK your doors.  Never leave your unattended vehicles unlocked.  It's not safe and items end up missing.  This is the case, recently in reported car prowls in Pasco.  Can you identify this suspect?  Take a good look.

The Pasco Police Facebook page states:

"Officer Sam Guerrero was investigating car prowls early Friday morning on St Paul Court. One house captured the security video that these still images are from. Sometime late Thursday or early Friday, the circled car parked on the street, then the depicted female came on-camera, trying vehicle door handles. Officer Guerrero describes the car as silver, tan, or light gray. He describes the female as having long black frizzy hair, wearing a blue dress and sandals/ flip-flops."

Thief 1

The post also noted that unlocked vehicles were prowled, and items were taken. Locked vehicles were tried, and passed up.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Guerrero at about case 20-20565 Theft.

Always lock your vehicles.

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