A beloved Pasco Police Officer is recovering from a life-threatening brain aneurysm and needs the community to help in getting him back on his feet. I just did an article last week about Officer Cobb and traffic laws and now suddenly he needs help from the community. I can't believe how quickly things can change in a person's life.

Friends of Jeff Cobb have set up a Go Fund Me account for the officer. You might know Jeff best from the various postings on the Pasco Police Department's Facebook page and we all love their tongue-in-cheek postings.

According to the Go Fund Me page, here is what happened to Officer Cobb over the last few weeks and why he needs the monetary support.

Late Saturday (2/27) night Jeff’s parents arrived home to find him very disoriented, confused, and he complained of a severe headache. They took him to the Kadlec ER where he received a CT scan revealing that he had an aneurysm that had burst.

The neurosurgeon put in a drain to help relieve some of the pressure in his brain prior to them transferring him by LifeFlight to Sacred Heart ICU.

There he underwent surgery to clip the aneurysm. The surgery went well and Jeff was following the nurse’s commands the next morning.

The next 10 days will be very crucial in his recovery. They planned on weaning him off of the sedation enough to extubate (remove the breathing tube) him over the next 2 days. BUT, Jeff caught the nurse with her back turned and pulled the tube out himself (today, 3/1).
He is now in soft restraints and re-sedated to let his brain heal and make sure he doesn’t pull out any more lines or drain

Officer Cobb has given a lot to the Tri-Cities community and now family and friends are looking to help get Jeff back to work and help pay off some of those hospital bills which will be creating an avalanche of bills for him. You can donate and check out the fundraising efforts here.

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