Pasco police managed to save a 20 year old woman that was overdosing by administering Narcan around midnight this last Tuesday.

The police dispatch got reports of a woman not breathing and unconscious on St Paul Ct located in Pasco. When officers arrived the identified possible overdose from opioids and gave the woman Narcan. Officers Andrew Taylor and Travis Park quick thinking and action helped save the woman's life.

Her health improved after they administered Narcan, the medics arrived and took her to a local hospital for more treatment.

Multiple Pasco Police officers went through Narcan training last February that has helped them greatly when encountering someone experiencing overdose. The picture below is from the Pasco Pd training they received.

credit Pasco Police Facebook
credit Pasco Police Facebook


ANOTHER NARCAN SAVE! Dispatch reported a 20-year-old female unconscious and not breathing at about midnight Tuesday night on St Paul Ct in Pasco. Officers Andrew Taylor and Travis Park arrived, recognized symptoms of possible opioid overdose, and Officer Park administered Narcan. She improved. Medics arrived and transported her to a local hospital for further treatment.

PFD medics promptly restocked the officer's Narcan at the scene. Our Narcan-in-cop-cars program is the result of cooperation between Pasco Fire, Lourdes Health, and Consistent Care. The photo is from last February, with officers getting Narcan training from FF/PM Raquel McGrath. Event PP18054560.

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