Pasco Police are on the hunt for an ultra-rare "Nocturnal Filcher" and you can help them capture this elusive last-night predator!

The one thing we love about the Pasco Police is their fun Facebook postings and we've got a serious situation mixed in with a little humor. Here is how you can help the Pasco Police nab this "Nocturnal Filcher'!

Here are the details of the case gumshoes:


These images of the drab-plumed nocturnal filcher were captured by an urban trail cam on the 5400-block of Wernett just past midnight early Sunday morning.

Nocturnal filchers are characterized by a quick, jerky walk and a persistent need to tug on vehicle door handles that don’t belong to them. And a backpack.

While this location was not optimal for the filcher, having both locked vehicles and video surveillance, filchers can be far-ranging and opportunistic.

Feel free to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 if you see anyone pulling on three different car door handles in a row.

In fact, if it’s your car, call as soon as they try one. If you find that you have video recorded of one, call, even though it’s over by then.

Anyone with further info that can help Officer Marcos Guzman identify this nocturnal filcher is urged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Guzman at about case 21-24036 Prowler.

You gotta love Pasco Police's tongue-in-cheek posts but there is a seriousness in the situation as well. If you can help the Pasco Police, reach out with whatever details you can and let's catch this car prowler!

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