Pasco Police are warning that a bike thief is out on the prowl and if you see him, report him.

It's that time of year, cool mornings mean prowlers and Pasco Police are on the hunt for a bicycle thief who snatched up some unlocked bikes off porches and patios.

MORE BIKE THEFTS! The good news is, if bike thefts are newsworthy, you are living in a pretty safe city. The bad news is some ne’er-do-well is lurking in the dark, pilfering unlocked bikes off porches and patios in the area of the 500-block of S Elm. And Officer Conrad Christenson would like to ID him and speak with him.

The bikes were taken early Tuesday morning. It took two trips. The bikes are described as a yellow and black mountain bike and a pink and black Mongoose mountain bike with pink accents. The suspect appears to have a full beard.

Anyone with info is urged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Christenson at about case 19-27704 Theft.

It's a reminder to have the kiddos lock up their bicycles and if you see this prowler around, contact the Pasco Police Department.

Pasco Police Bike Thefts

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