One Washington State Town Has The Record For The Longest Married Couples

When you get married, you hope it's forever but sadly most marriages end in divorce these days. The good news is that there is one Washington town that leads the nation as the best place to get married and stay married.

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One Washington Town Is #1 In The Nation For The Longest Married Couples

One Washington State town leads the nation in marriage stability. You'd think it would be a bigger city just based on numbers but nope, one Washington town has the nation's top honor of having the track record of the longest marriages.

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Before we get to the stats on why this Washington town leads the pack, I will tell you that the worst town to get married in and stay married is North Las Vegas. It shouldn't come as a surprise but I thought I should include that statistic for reference.

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Bellevue Washington The Place For The Longest Married Couples In The Nation

A new survey by has Bellevue Washington ranked as the best place to get married and stay married over time. Bellevue is also ranked #2 in the nation for marriage stability.

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Highlights of the reports say:

Bellevue was once known as the place “where your parents lived,” but the influx of tech-savvy millennials in recent years eroded that reputation. data suggest, though, that Bellevue’s nuptial friendliness is very much still alive.

When more couples were splitting up in 2020, Bellevue spouses were sticking together that year. Among the 190 cities we ranked, Bellevue registered the biggest 5-year decrease in separations and divorces, at -23%.



I still wouldn't be discouraged by this report though, as I've always been told, that marriage is what you make it so your own marriage and longevity are totally up to you.

The report did say that Bellevue has over 300 relationship therapists so that might also be the reason for the success of marriages in Bellevue.

You can read the complete report and get more insights here.

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