Pink is the kinda gal you want at all your parties. Even though she downplays her hellraiser image at this point in her career — she once slashed her hubby’s tires, earning 13 stitches in the process — she seems like a good time, all the time! We see that element of her personality in this hilarious behind-the-scenes footage from her ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ video.

In the footage, she sees red, ‘Carrie’ style, just like in the actual video. She also curses out a bug that’s getting in her way during a serious scene in the beginning — watch and see. We also get an up close and personal look at her adorbs daughter Willow Sage, who turned 1 in June. Precious!

“Here we are in Malibu, I mean the South of France,” Pink says with a twinkle in her eye. “This is the ballroom scene. It’s very sexy and dark.” The sexiness and darkness continues throughout the BTS footage, especially when we see Pink, in her lady tux, busting dance moves and waltzing with another pretty woman draped in a white dress.

The singer is also having fun dropping her dress (revealing a corset) as she films other scenes in this romance-gone-wrong clip. There’s also some fly-on-the-wall footage of the flying bike against a green screen and Pink and the extras doused in a red liquid shower. Pink is game, smiling and dancing as the substance is sprayed in her face.

That had to be quite a fun mess to clean up… Not!

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