Pink's issued a big ol' warning to paparazzi who've suggested that she canceled a string of concerts in Australia to take a beach vacation. Rather, she insists, she and her family have been struggling through sickness, which even landed the singer in the hospital.

Tuesday (August 7), reports circulated that Pink had been forced into intensive care to treat an upper respiratory infection and, later, gastric virus diagnosis. She shared an Instagram update later that night in which she thanked fans for their patience, but insisted the show simply could not go on...especially with her signature extreme stunts considered.

"A lot of you know how physical my shows are, and that I don't just stand in front a microphone and sing," she wrote. "I flip, dance, fly, harness, silk, and scream my way through a total sh-t show of awesomeness (no pun intended). Therefore, I need to be physically healthy and well in order to perform this show. I think all of you deserve the full show and me at my best."

And then came the admonition.

"That's a warning to paparazzi," she wrote. "You might actually see me walking upright outside of my hotel room cage with two little children, and another warning: I might even smile. Not too much, though. I'll try to control the smiling."

Still, she made sure to sincerely apologize to fans who have been affected by the schedule changes, and also thanked the medical professionals who helped her and her children beat back against their ailments.

"Thank you for your patience, compassion, and support," she wrote. "I look forward to rocking out with all of you as we have done for many many years."

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