Oh my goodness. Is this not the cutest looking pooch? West Richland Police report this four-legged guy has been running loose for the last week or so in the area of Pikes Peak Drive. He's LOST.

I would think his "owner" is missing him. I know I would be missing this little guy.

Many years ago, my tuxedo cat went missing on the tough, busy streets of Chicago. I put up flyers all around the neighborhood in my search for Kenny Kitty. I was sick to my stomach for days!


Everyone assured me that the cat would be back. I would go to the radio station thinking the worst. What if Kenny was hit by a car? What if someone takes him in? He was very friendly. And, he was diabetic. Kenny needed two insulin shots daily.

I had my phone number on the flyer. I received a few "Kenny-sightings." I checked them out, and never saw him. One night, after a get-together at the neighbor's house, I was walking home with my husband. I broke into tears, realizing that we may never see Kenny again. I went to bed miserable. When I woke up, Kenny was asleep right next to me.

My husband informed me, that around 3 am, our dog, Davey needed to "go" outside. Kenny was waiting for them. I was so happy. Kenny was home.

I hope this guy gets to go home. He's known for being an escape artist. Several people have attempted to contain him.

Finally! On Tuesday, some good samaritans were able to get the pooch into their backyard, tempting the pup with delicious food.

Animal control soon came on the scene and chased the dog around until he pooped out. (It took more than an hour!) After all that, the pup was compliant.

I hope "his people" see this. Maybe you know who he belongs to? Please call 509-967-7112. Let's get this guy home.

The look of defeat:

This guy has been running loose on Pikes Peak Drive for over a week. He had a warrant issued for...

Posted by West Richland Police Department on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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