Years ago, I worked at a radio station in New Orleans and enjoyed a lot of Popeyes chicken. Later I moved to an area of the country that had never even heard of it! It's kind of like when a Texan moves to the Tri-Cities and looks for a Whataburger restaurant LOL. I really like Popeye's fried chicken. But only if it's the spicy stuff. If it's not going to be spicy, then KFC will do me just fine. Oh, and Popeyes Cajun Rice is my favorite! But my wife hates it LOL. In 2019 Popeyes came out with their chicken sandwich, you know the one that had overnight success and everybody raved about it. Personally, I think Wendy's spicy chicken is the king of the chicken sandwiches. McDonald's and Burger King have chimed in with their varieties as well. Don't get me wrong, Popeye's chicken sandwich is good. But I never thought it was something worth all the hype. I've made many trips to Sunnyside just to get some Cajun Rice and Popeye's spicy fried chicken. It looks like I'll be able to save some gas when I get the urge now because Popeyes is coming to Kennewick! They'll be located at 395 and Clearwater across the street from Walgreens (there used to be a used car lot there). I think they could have picked a better intersection personally. Getting off 395 and back on is going to be a nightmare. So the permits have been issued and construction should begin shortly. As with every new food place in the Tri-Cities, it'll be packed for the first few weeks, so I'll probably just drive to Sunnyside until it slows down!

Fun fact: Popeyes is named after Gene Hackman's character in the 1971 film The French Connection, and not the cartoon character.

Below is an interesting look into why Popeyes chicken sandwich is such a phenom.



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