A popular Pasco bakery is back after 10 years! Panaderia Colima, closed its doors 10 years ago... but now they're making a comeback.

Panaderia Colima closed the doors 10 years ago but Owner Daniel Mendoza is revving the popular bakery.

Mendoza after a very successful run in the 1990's for about 15 years decided to step away to focus on family but is now back in business and anxious for old customers and new customers to re-discover or discover the bakery.

Mendoza says that fresh bread is important to the bakery to sell and he's still using the original recipes you might remember from years gone by.

Panaderia Colima is now open and they are located at 801 Clark Street in Pasco.

You can check out more details from our new partner KNDU here. 

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