We were reflecting on some classic toys after Big Jim posted a picture of the classic Colecro Electronic Quarterback. And it got us thinking – what if you filled your kids' stocking with only toys that were popular in 1980?

Thanks to the magic of the internet, it's totally possible. Take a trip down memory lane below – plus, each item includes a link to where you can buy it online!

The Fisher Price Music Player


For the parent who wants to raise a radio DJ.

The Coleco Electronic Quarterback


Big Jim loved this as a kid. But keep today's videogames away – this was the last electronic game he ever understood how to play.

Hot Wheels


Buy your kid a Ferrari for Christmas this year! Hot Wheels never really went out of style – they're just as hot now as they were in 1980.



Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down. Plus, they're just big enough that you can't choke on 'em.

Silly Putty

This is the quintessential stocking stuffer. Just don't spread it too thin over the newspaper – you'll never get it off.

Toys R Us



Merlin was sort of like Simon, except way cooler. See how cool toys were back in the 80s? This is why we're the geniuses we are today.

Which cool 1980s toys did we forget? Let us know below!