Officer Shane Hellyer from Prosser was fired after a multi-agency investigation found misconduct of sexually molesting a woman while handcuffed in his patrol car.

The investigation showed that this was just one of many times Officer Hellyer had assaulted women while working as an officer for the last 15 years, according to news reports.

The allegation that started the whole investigation came from a now 23 year old woman that had been arrested by Hellyer 8 months prior.

She was arrested by Hellyer after being found drunk and knocking on her boyfriends door one night. She was arrested by Hellyer and instead of taking her to the police station, he drove to the Prosser High School parking lot and molested her there.

She describes him climbing into the back seat to grope her in private places. Then he pulled her out of the car and pressed his body against hers while making sexual comments.

After the assault he took her back home instead of to the police station and never filed a report on the incident.

The police log shows a 14 minute gap in time between when he arrested her and when he took her back to her house. The drive normally takes 2-3 minutes.

Hellyer denied ever touching the victim but eventually admitted to dropping her off in the trees near the High School.

The investigation showed that Hellyer continued to harass the woman when he saw her walking on the street and called her home multiple times.

Criminal charges will most likely not be filed against Hellyer because the woman was drunk at the time and she waited months to report the incident to authorities.

Three other woman were interviewed about similar behaivor by Hellyer. They reported unwanted advances by Hellyer and constant unwanted contact at their work place or home.

Hellyer was also hiding his cell phone calls with an app the cleans the records of calls from his phone.


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