Why in the world are people purposely setting fires in trash dumpsters?

Prosser Police want to know who's intentionally trying to burn the town down. According to reports, fire crews were called out to several incidents of trash-can fires overnight.

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Just after 3 am Prosser Firefighters were called out to City Park where they found many trash cans knocked over and a garbage can on fire at the library.

An hour later, crews were dispatched to the Prosser High School where they encountered a large construction trash dumpster fully engulfed. Near the gym, firefighters found another bin on fire.

Crews were able to quickly put the fire out and checked the roof.

It's disturbing that as a red flag warning remains in effect, the threat for fire in the area remains extreme. And, we have yahoos starting fires. Unbelievable.

Prosser Police are asking anyone with information to contact them at 509-786-1500.

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