A few days ago, somebody tried to use a chain to pull an ATM from its base at the HAPO branch on West Gage Boulevard in Richland.

ATM attempt not the first such incident lately

Pasco Police and other law enforcement agencies say attempts to steal entire ATM machines are a growing issue.

According to information from KEPR TV, the Spokane Teachers Credit Union branch in Pasco recently had an unsuccessful attempt made using a tow strap attached to a vehicle.

This is the latest in a round of 'new' ways to break-in. Some burglars have even dug holes in walls, like at this store in Kennewick 3 weeks ago.


Earlier in March, burglary suspect dug hole through wall (KPD)
Earlier in March, burglary suspect dug hole through wall (KPD)

Then last week, Pasco Police say one of the Westside Auto Licensing stores in Pasco had their ATM torn out of the building.

The building was broken into, with extensive damage, then the suspects ripped out the ATM and took it with them.

   Thieves are removing license plates from vehicles

Recently, in Hermiston, a suspect who stole a lot of electric blowers and mowers left the scene of their crime in a vehicle with the license plates removed, presumably to make it harder to trace them even if caught on cameras.

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The most recent incident was at the Richland HAPO on Gage, where a large white Ford pickup with a chain attached tried to rip an ATM off it's moorings, but failed. The search continues for that rig.

Police also say masks are not helping. Suspects in ATM and other related burglaries are noticeably wearing masks and baggier clothing to disguise their appearance.

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