Not long ago a popular Chinese film portrayed a woman in turmoil who moved to Seattle to give birth and raise her child in a happy place. The movie inspired many of China's millionaires to shop for real estate in the Emerald City. Now they can shop in Chinese.

A Puget Sound real estate magazine will now publish an edition entirely in Mandarin, Chinese. The decision was announced last week.

Perhaps you don't care? But imagine your husband or wife getting a job offer from a Seattle firm that was too good to refuse. You show up and start house hunting, only to find that every time you make an offer on a home, a Chinese millionaire has out bid you. Then imagine you buy the perfect house, and discover all your neighbors are renters because the whole block is owned by Chinese millionaires.

Imagine sitting on the city council, and all the development proposals are coming from firms representing Chinese clients. No in Seattle owns Seattle. That's what the most valuable blocks in L.A. experienced when Japanese investors bought up the city in the 1980s.

And once there are no more good deals in Seattle, do you really think those realtors will forget about Tri-Cities? Let's face it, if Caitlyn Jenner knows Kennewick is a hot real estate market, Chinese experts know it.