How many times have you thought to yourself, boy if scammers would just put that much effort into a real job, they would be extremely successful! And who knows, maybe they are extremely successful in their scams! Right now these hard-working scammers are posting fake rental property listings for the Tri-cities area. So how exactly do they profit from this? Basically, when you want to rent a piece of property, the landlord will need your date of birth and social security number, things like that. On top of that, they will also need the first month, last month, and a security deposit. Of course, you'll be handing that money over for a place to live that they don't own. According to reports, Kennewick police advised that you meet with property managers or owners face-to-face. It's also a good idea to work with a realtor.

Some of the most popular scams in the country include employment scams that ask you to send money (to make more money), loan scams where you pay a fee but never get the loan, debt collection scams that ask you to pay up but it doesn't go to your debt, credit scams and even covid-19 related scams. The main reason for all these scams is that mean people suck.


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