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Bikini Baristas, blending two of America's favorite past-times (coffee and sex), were once a phenomenon exclusive to the Northwest. But now they're popping up, and popping out, all over. With coffee stands in Colorado, Florida, Nevada (of course) and other states.

Never been to one? No worries. You'll get a good idea of what they're all about from these actual Google reviews of real-life Spokane, Washington Bikini Barista stands. The names of the coffee shops are not included, because not all the reviews are as flattering as the ladies' outfits.

Cheeky Review

A man of few words, yet chooses just the right ones.

attachment-Bikini Review I


There's a whole lotta' drama going on in this review, and we wanna' know more!

attachment-Bikini Review C

Family Outing

I'm imagining this next one is from a single father whose daughters wanted to lift his spirits. Or they want his permission to work there. Whaddaya' think, dad?

Bikini Review A

Women Supporting Women

My wife is always pointing out other women's bodies to me. I think it's a trap. In this instance, though, it's good advice.

Bikini Review G

Odd Observation

You know what's weirder, Kyle? That this was your take-away from a fully caffeinated, half dressed coffee stand.

Bikini Review H

Straight Shooter

For some people, the coffee is secondary. Optional, even.

attachment-Bikini Review F

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Not topless? Alert the Better Business Bureau!

attachment-Bikini Review E

It's a Simple Recipe, but It Works

I agree with Savanna's sentiments. I mean, how do you even improve on this formula? Add puppies?

attachment-Bikini Review B

Slipped Their Mind

C'mon, Jason, we've all done that at least once!

Bikini Review D

Just so you know, most of Spokane's Bikini Baristas get high marks for the coffee itself. But don't take my word for it. Taste for yourself the next time you're in Spokane.

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