Inquiring minds want to know what made this hole? Do you know? Should this Richland homeowner be concerned? I'm part of a neighborhood group that watches out for one another. I came across this posting and was intrigued as I, too, have seen some of these holes. It almost looks as if it was made by a professional.

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And, just so you know, it's a very cool app, called Nextdoor.

Lots of people responded that it could be bees, someone else replied that it was a hornet's nest. Maybe a gopher, or possibly, ants. I was going for ants since that is what I have encountered recently.

Most people replied that it was bees and wasps. One lady even commented that it was "aliens from a galaxy far, far away." If you know, please let us know. What do you suppose made that deep, deep hole? It's the $64,000 question in Richland.

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