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There are lots of reasons to get a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. For one, you can make awesome pet videos as you'll see below Lol. We have a couple of dogs and vacuum our carpets quite often. But isn't it amazing how quickly your hardwood floors get dirty? And I am not talking about just dog hair. The floors can be shiny when you start dinner, and somehow a disaster when you're done! We've been wanting to get a Roomba or similar robot vacuum cleaner for quite some time, but our wiener dog will just bark at it constantly. I think our Chihuahua will simply hide or ignore it. For now, we just don't think it will be worth the barking noise, so we just run the regular vacuum ourselves. But like I said, there are lots of reasons to get a vacuum cleaner robot. I can't think of any reasons to steal one though. And that's what happened at Richland Target  Store as a thief made out of there with not only a Roomba but a bunch of toilet paper also! I guess he's all set for continued quarantining. Click HERE to see his picture and read the Richland police Facebook post. In the meantime, whether you're using a robot or actually vacuuming, I hope it doesn't suck too bad. I mean I hope your day doesn't suck too bad.



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