Richland Police are asking for your attention. Please take a look at the people in the photo. They are wanted in connection to an alleged theft at Big 5 in Richland. The suspects were at the store on Saturday, December 12th.

I was taught never to take anything that doesn't belong to you. My parents took me back to a store when they learned I had taken candy. I had to apologize to the clerk on duty. The car ride to the superette store was the worst 15-minutes of my life. I was 6-years old and believed I was going to spend some time in the slammer. After the cashier saw how terrified I was, I was released into the custody of my parents with a stern warning.

If you can identify the thieves in the above photo, do the right thing, and call the police at 509-628-0333.

And, thank you for your time and assistance.

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