Richland Police are fielding more calls concerning scams in the Tri-Cities and here are some of the top scams to be aware of.

Richland Police on their Facebook page are advising people to double-check on scams and not willing send cash or make payments until the call has been verified.
WE WILL NOT CALL YOU SOLICITING PAYMENT. We will not call you on behalf of the IRS. We will not call you on behalf of your student loans. We will not arrest you for a debt owed. We will not ask you for proof of residency. We aren't going to take your dog, your car or your scholarship. If you receive a call from our number, the landfill, city hall or utility billing PLEASE call the number back and VERIFY that you are truly being contacted by the correct agency. Our Richland Police phone number is being used daily for these types of calls and other departments in the city are having their numbers used as well. Do not give out any personal information or send any funds without verifying the agency and debt owed.
It's easy to fall for a scam, your best protection is to verify with the right agencies and NOT send any cash or any other personal information until you get resolution.


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