Brittini Van Heel has a very smart idea here! It's called Cases for Kids. She's a mom and the owner of Real Deals in Richland. Her son and every other student can't use the water fountains at school because that might spread the virus. So...well, I'll let her tell the story in her own words:

Cases for Kids was an idea I had after getting an email from my son's teacher. She said that she was buying cases of water for the kids in her class and she was not the only teacher doing so. These teachers have been paying out of their own pockets and to me, that just felt wrong. The water fountains are not in use because of the virus to prevent them from sharing. They do have water bottle refill stations in the school but as everyone knows, not all families can afford to buy water bottles or even reusable ones. So that’s where my idea came from. I currently own a small business in the Uptown called Real Deals and even though we are hurting, I figured we could help by offering a 15% off discount if the shopper donated a case of water. My plan is to start with my son's elementary school, then hopefully continue to help as many other schools as I can.

This is such a great idea and something that never would've crossed my mind. I've never been to her store, but I will be dropping off a case of water and after watching one of her videos, I can see that this is a shop my wife will really like. You can follow Brittini and her staff on the Real Deals Facebook Page. Thank you for being a caring part of our community, even as things are tough for you as well.



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