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NO, everyone is NOT familiar with the rules of roundabouts. YOU need to read this.

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Are there roundabout rules?

I've almost been in several accidents because people aren't paying attention. Daily, I am amazed at what I see on the roads. But back to roundabouts. Yes, there are rules.

I did some checking with the Washington Department of Transportation. (WSDOT)

First, what is a roundabout?

A modern roundabout is a circular intersection where drivers travel counterclockwise around a center island. There are not traffic signals or stop signs in a modern roundabout. Drivers entering the roundabout yield to traffic already in the roundabout, then enter the circulating roadway and exit at their desired street, so they function differently from older circular intersection types. Studies by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) have found that roundabouts can increase traffic capacity by 30 to 50 percent compared to traditional intersections.

The basics of maneuvering a modern roundabout:

* Yield to drivers in already in the roundabout (on the circulating roadway)

* Stay in your lane; do not change lanes

* Do not stop in the roundabout

* Avoid driving next to oversized vehicles


I highlighted one rule in particular, because I am guilty. I have changed lanes mid-roundabout. It's too easy to do, and dangerous. If you miss your exit, go around one more time. Be patient. You'll get there, eventually.

Watch how to legally master a roundabout in Washington.

Which Tri-Cities roundabout do you encounter or avoid the most? Why?

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