Franklin County Sheriff's have just released information about a car crash from last weekend that wound up being much more.

While patrolling the Clark's Addition area near Pasco, a Deputy came across what appeared to be a single car accident, but soon found a lot going on.

After the Deputy pulled up, lights flashing and spotlights, the two people in car figured out he wasn't just going to look and leave. The Deputy saw one of them throw what appeared to be a meth pipe out the window.

The two people were detained and Deputy Stafford found a half a pound of meth, a scale, and materials to package the drugs. Oscar Sanchez of Pasco and Daisy Nino of Kennewick were arrested, Sanchez being charged with possession with intent to deliver and other counts. Nino busted for possession.

Apparently the meth was enough of a distraction that Sanchez couldn't keep control of his car.

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