Rumors have been swirling around Tri-Cities for nearly a year about a new movie theater coming to town that will serve dinner and drinks and boast leather recliners. Some of this rumor is true and the rest is FALSE

(Photo By kzenon)
(Photo By kzenon)

Construction is expected to start in a couple weeks on a new Fairchild Cinemas movie theater off Queensgate Drive in Richland.

Fairchild Cinemas, which has theaters in Pasco and Moses Lake, expects to announce Thursday plans to build a 12-screen theater at the new Lincoln Landing development, said Rob Ellsworth with Windermere.

The theater will feature all-leather, power-reclining seats, but Ellsworth said he does not expect it to provide restaurant-type service to people in their seats as reported last year.
So there it is  a new theater with leather reclining seats but no Dinner/Drinks delivered to your seat...I'm kinda bummed I think the rumor is better than the truth.

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