Scams are getting more frequent and another scam has reared it's ugly head.This is what you need to know about this scam according to the police and CBC.

The sheriff's office was made aware of by CBC. CBC is cautioning people that have attended Career Connection Job Fair recently and have received an email referencing a Virtual Personal Assistant. This is how the scam works according to the Sheriff's Department

These scammers are playing on people’s hopes of a good job. They then send you a check and give detailed instructions on what to do next. According to the report, a victim deposited 2,973.96 dollars into her account and was told to purchase gift cards and to scratch off the security band and send the number back on the cards, little did she know the check wasn’t real and now she’s a couple of thousands of dollars in the red.

Bottom line: if something sounds to good to be true (it’s not), if you have to pay money to get money ( don’t ), anytime someone ask you to purchase multiple gift cards to cover the cost of something, or send the card codes over email over the phone, you should ask yourself is it real.

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