Scream Queens been ramping up the Season 2 promo ahead of its September premiere, and the cast of the Fox horror-comedy presented an extended look at what's in store today (August 31). Now that the action's moved from the sorority house to a hospital, the show's plot looks to be even more unapologetically ludicrous than before.

"I want you to enroll as medical students," Jamie Lee Curtis' Dean Munsch tells the trio of confused Chanels. Weren't they sentence to life in an "insane asylum" at least season's end? Looking forward to the ten seconds-long explanation on why that's no longer the case.

"Through the power of the internet, anyone can be an M.D.!" Chanel No. 1 proclaims later in the clip, once the Chanels are in their pink and glittery hospital regalia.

"I love that it's a little bit darker. I mean the hospital setting gives it more of an eerie vibe," Emma Roberts, who plays hilarious terrible person Chanel 'No. 1' Oberlin, raves. Taylor Lautner, who plays Dr. Cassidy Cascade alongside John Stamos' Dr. Brock Holt, promises it's "funnier, scarier, it's pushing more boundaries" — but then, it's Lautner's first season on the show so he may be a little biased.

Also in the teaser: Roberts and Stamos' characters go on a date, while Zayday seems less impressed by Dr. Holt. Watch the cast hype the upcoming season below.

Scream Queens returns to FOX on September 20 at 9/8c.

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