I have mixed feelings about this video… now that I’ve stopped laughing and am able to get my fingers to type I want to say that I have been a Green Bay fan literally since I could walk. As a tyke my father told me he played high school football with Packers Halfback/Punter Donny Anderson’s dad.

Donny, number 44, played in Super Bowl 1 and was with the Packer’s from 1966 until 1972. Anderson’s left foot punts were different and harder to return as he originated the concept of “Hang Time” to reduce the opponent’s ability to return his kicks. OK, that and the fact that the Packers are owned by a city of 104,000 and yes, I am a fan.

Fast forward to 1976 and the Seahawk’s inclusion into the NFL as an ‘expansion team’ and I HAVE been a HUGE Seattle fan ever since

My allegiance is: Seattle first, Green Bay second and yes using one of the worst mass murderers in history to impersonate a Packer fans is “edgy.”

If that has no chance of entertaining you then DON’T click on this video BUT if you, as a Seahawk fan are as pumped up as I am about this Sunday’s 12 noon match up in C’Link Field then by all means click and enjoy!

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