Seriously, some things I will just never understand!

A 29 year old Transportation Security Administration agent at Sea-Tac Airport has been arrested for taking  video up the skirt of a woman at the airport.

Hmmm...Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 'Uhhh Why would someone do that?'

I cannot understand how someone would even accomplish that! Or, why they would want to? Very bizaare!

I suppose the world is filled with bizarre people, and we should just all be grateful that we aren't compelled to do things like that!

It must be awful to be willing to break the law and risk so much to do something which seems so ridiculous and wrong.

There are lots of people in the world that just have weird compulsions I suppose. But, I sure wish they would allow the fact that it's against the law, to keep them from doing them!

The guy was arrested but was out on bail, of about $7,500.

Do you think he will go get help? Find out why he thinks he needs to break the law and invade the privacy of women? I'm doubtful!

So, you may want to wear pants or be ready to kick like a horse if you see a video phone near your knees!