Last week we asked who makes your favorite burger – fast food, mom & pop, local chain, whoever. Over 100 people responded and here’s what they said:

Miner's                                  17%
Red Robin                             17%
Five Guys                               12%
In-N-Out                                 11%
Bob's Burgers                         7%
Carl's Jr.                                  6%
Zips                                         5%
Fudrucker's                             5%
Wendy's                                  4%
Burger King                             2%
Jack in the Box                        2%
Iceberg Drive-In (Walla Walla) 2%

These places only got 1 vote:

Red Mill Burgers in Seattle
TnT Burgers in Benton City!
Brickhouse Pizza
Yokes on Keene
Paterson Store
Ice Harbor Brewery
White Castle

I love that Miner's is tied for first place! I agree we've got locally-owned and operated restaurants that are top notch! It's definitely one of my favorites, as is Iceberg in Walla Walla. My coworkers can't get enough of Dick's in Spokane!