I'll admit it I'm part of 'Selfie Mania' although by the looks of our selfie we're clearly not very good at it! Hairs a mess, the angle is bad ect... That why I was amazed to read these surprising selfie stats.


A new survey by The Body Shop reveals that women will spend 753 hours over the course of their life taking Selfies. Other findings:

- 51% of women use soft or mood lighting to improve their Selfies

- 47% of women shoot from a downward angle to improve their Selfies

- 46% of women adopt a slimming’ body pose to improve their Selfies

- 29% of women ‘Smize’ or smile with their eyes, as advocated by supermodel Tyra Banks, to improve their Selfies

- 61% of women say dating sites and social media has intensified the pressure to look good online.

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