Hi Everybody!

I had a little chill time over the holiday and finished reading the book by Ellen Degeneres that I bought a week or so ago at Barnes & Noble.

Now, you know I'm a BIG fan of Ellen!  I love her show and watch when I can. I find her hilariously funny! But also charming and sweet and real!

I'm still working on forgiving Ellen for NEVER writing me or calling me or giving me any response whatsoever when I tried so diligently to have her call my radio show many years ago when I had "The Faith & Big B Morning  Show" but, I'm letting go of that...and still watch her show when I can.  And I of course bought her latest book.

The book is titled "Seriously..I'm Kidding."   I found it at times to be stupidly funny, and a little redundant and boring at other times. But all in all, I felt it was worth reading!

She is a remarkable person who obviously has done a lot of things RIGHT to get where she is today! I find her inspiring! She appears to be a genuinely loving and kind person who wants to do good things in the world and help other people. I like that!

Ellen seems like someone I would like to have as a friend, and I guess it bothers me that we can't just pick up the phone and call people like that.

Most of my radio listeners are also my friends and I hope you feel like you could call or facebook me anytime. Lots of you do! And that makes me happy!

I guess such huge “celebrity” would find it difficult to communicate with so many. And I suppose that is why she wrote her book. It's a peep into more about who she is and what she thinks about.

When I read a book, I either donate it or pass it on to someone I think might also enjoy it! So, if you would like the book, call me during my radio show 3-7pm. On the listener line at: 509-545-9803  I only have one book so the first person to call will get it!

Merry Christmas!

 Faith Martin