Jennifer Lopez was a big part of 'American Idol's' resurgence last season, but she hasn't committed to another run on the show, so producers are reportedly looking for a replacement -- and rumors are pointing to Shania Twain.

With more than 60 million albums' worth of worldwide sales to her name, Twain certainly knows a thing or two about what it takes to achieve commercial success -- and just as Lopez was emerging from a recording lull in the months leading up to her joining the 'Idol' team, Twain is preparing to end a long musical hiatus.

Twain's last studio album, 'Up,' was released way back in 2002, and although the intervening years have seen a hits compilation and an appearance on the 'Desperate Housewives' soundtrack, her new single, 'This Is Your Day,' marks her first serious re-emergence in nearly a decade -- which makes the 'Idol' rumors even more intriguing. There's no question that the show helped Lopez (and her fellow new 'Idol' judge, Steven Tyler) promote new projects, and it seems safe to say it'd do the same for Twain.



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