Shawn Ashmore -- best known for his role as Bobby the "Iceman" in the X-Men trilogy -- stars alongside Kevin Bacon in the new FOX television show "The Following." Despite his 33 years, Ashmore's youthful face has been getting him roles for decades. In "The Following" he plays a sharp FBI agent assisting Bacon's character in finding a serial killer. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Ashmore's resume is the fact that he once doubled for his twin brother. Television actor Aaron Ashmore (a recurring actor on "Smallville") played two twin brothers by himself in the 2004 film "My Brother's Keeper." Shawn would occasionally play Aaron's double. That means Shawn played his twin brother playing his twin brother.

This morning we chatted with Shawn about "The Following." Listen to the interview:

He said Bacon's expertise and gravitas sets the tone for the show, making it feel more like a one-hour movie than a television episode. He also tips his hat to creator Kevin Williamson who brought us "Scream" and the "Vampire Diaries."