In a shocking local news story, it has been reported that a 20-year-old scumbag from Kennewick named Nathan Lee Webster has been jailed for beating his own newborn baby (only 14 days old).

The 19-year-old mother took the baby to the  Kadlec Emergency Room where the medical staff determined that the poor child had a skull fracture as well as bruising and swelling on the face.

According to the news story from KEPR, the parents apparently told medical staff they didn't have a clue how the baby received these injuries.

Quick-thinking staff at Kadlec called the police and they arrested the 20-year old scumbag father who eventually admitted to hitting the child. On top of it all, the scumbag has been calling the child's mother, telling her to play dumb when the police question her to save his worthless skin.

Lady, you need to take your child and run from this man. Hopefully he'll get a nice jail term out of it, but it won't be forever so RUN.

Read the full story HERE.

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