Attention all boarders and skiers Bluewood expected to open this coming weekend! This is great news especially since hundreds of skiers and boarders are cut off from White Pass due to major damage to Highway 12 during recent storms.(More on that... I Heard a Rumor)


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December 18th is the big day and Ski Bluewood representatives tell NBC Right Now lift tickets are cheaper compared to last season.

They have been cut anywhere from 18% to 22%, a full day adult lift ticket is $39.00 including tax. Students, seniors and active military members get a day pass for $32.00.

A new "Sno-Phone" has been implemented so you can call and check conditions, that number is (509) 240-8991.

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Update - Sunday Dec. 13 11:30 a.m.

Encouraging news.  The contractors are on-site and working 24/7 to get US 12 open!  The boss is at the mountain and says you could be skiing your favorite mountain sooner than you think.  Huge shout out to WSDOT, DBM and Granite for busting out this work.  THANK YOU!

Our friends at Mission Ridge and 49 Degrees North will be honoring your season pass on our 5-day free exchange program.  Be aware that they are TOTALLY HELPING US OUT since the rules of the exchange say that both areas must be up and running for the free ticket deal to be in effect.  Make sure to extend our thanks to their entire crew if you head up that way.  Josh Jorgenson and Eric Bakken, their respective GM's, point out that they are anticipating quite a crowd, so parking could be tight.  Plan accordingly.

BREAKING NEWS - Check our our new #SHARETHESTOKE page full of offers from other PNW Ski Areas! 

We will update here as soon as we hear from WSDOT.  Thanks for being the best locals in the world!