Saturday afternoon my boyfriend Tony and I played an all  our acoustic set for a fundraising Event for  Pet Over Population.

The event was called  "Furball"

There was a wonderful crowd and POPP did such a great job of putting the event on. There was a slide presentation that was so adorable with the pets talking...

"Clare" from KNDU was the" Mistress of Ceremonies" and she did a fabulous job!

The Band later on at night was "Big Daddy & The Night Crawlers" and they were amazing!

The whole event was a success!

But, here's the funny part...
The whole time we were setting up to play and even while we were boyfriend was distracted with his video phone. I had no idea why he wanted me to take so many photos and it appeared even while we were playing, he was occupied capturing video on our phone. I thought it was weird at the time and I was a bit perturbed at him for not paying attention to the task at hand...(Playing music for this event)

But, later I understood. He produced a Video clip that is really quite hilarious called "So You Think You Wanna Gig" ! He is very creative and is always doing fun and interesting things. Check it out! ( Note the dirty look I give him while I'm singing as he motions to his camera phone!)  (funny)

And, I guess if you've seen the movie "Sling Blade" it makes more sense.  I have not seen the movie but he says it explains the end of the  clip.

Have fun watching!