The action gets pretty exciting at Columbia Motor Speedway Park in Hermiston,  just ask Chance Overholt.Chance drives what is called a “Legend Car” — small-scale replicas of 1930s-era coupes and sedans. These cars were first developed at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina and have spread like wildfire across the nation. A governing body called INEX  serves to coordinate and oversee dozens of racetracks across the county where they race and Columbia Motor Speedway is INEX sanctioned. During the late spring and summer months, 15 to 20 of these tiny, but fast, cars take to the 3/8-mile oval just north of Hermiston.

Overholt was in a tight battle with the #34 car of Scott Walker and the #55 car of Tom Matheson when in a lightning-quick moment, they touched. What happened next was Overholt’s #62 car went catapulting end-over-end into the pit entrance, narrowly missing a guard fence and track officials.

Fortunately,  he’s OK and recovering well from a concussion sustained in the accident. It’s a testament to the care and skill of these car builders and those who construct the safety cages inside the frame. These Legend Cars are powered by 1200 cc Yamaha engines, weigh less than 900 lbs., and at Hermiston, often attain average lap speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour. The track is closed this weekend, but Sept. 8 the INEX Legends will compete in a regional qualifying race and the winners will potentially get a shot at the national competition.  For more details on Columbia Motor Speedway, click here! Video is courtesy of Race Action Videos capturing each week’s race. Copies are available for purchase at the track.

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