Breaking News: The Spice Girls are coming out with a Musical titled "Viva Forever" which opens Dec. 11 at London's Piccadilly Theatre.

Seeing "Rock of Ages"  was nothing short of life changing. My mind was blown by the silliness that was action film star Tom Cruise singing and dancing. My heart and mind are now open to areas of crazy I never dared to venture before. I have been persuaded to welcome the limitless possibilities and preposterous heights of the entertainment industry. I welcome a Spice Girls musical with open arms, at least in theory.

“Singing Tom Cruise” is my new standard measurement of ridiculousness. I give the news about the Spice Girls musical -4 “Singing Tom Cruises”.
What do singing Tom Cruise and the Spice Girl Musical have in common? Both are at variance with reason, and I'm all for it!!!
The musical "Viva Forever" is about the role of media and celebrity in today's world. The show was written by comedian Jennifer Saunders (Absolutely Fabulous), and produced by Judy Cramer (Mamma Mia).
'Zig-a-zig-ah', The confusing lyric to the '96 hit "Wannabe"  will soon not only be a pop culture reference but a show tune reference as-well.