Stacy Keibler, who just broke up with George Clooney, is the host of "Supermarket Superstar" starting this Monday, June 22, on Lifetime at 10:00. It reminds us of those entrepreneurship or angel investor reality shows -- only this time with food.
Keibler knows a thing or two about it since she's currently developing her own healthy food line.

I've learned so much and that's why I can relate so well to the contestants on the show," she said. "I'm very passionate about educating others how important it is to know what they're putting in their bodies."

We had to wait until she hung up to talk about the George Clooney situation! She'd been dating him since 2011 and they just broke up. According to the current gossip, US Weekly is claiming Keibler caught him pursuing Eva Longoria! It appears to be all his fault since Eva told him she wouldn't even think about it unless he were single, and now that he's single, she's apparently thought about it and said no (since they never hooked up).

We just don't get it George. Keibler is a former dancer, professional cheerleader (for the Ravens), former PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER, and used to be fitness editor for Stuff magazine!

How did she become a professional wrestler?

"I was 19 years old and kind of a fan," she explained.

She knew friends who danced for the wrestling shows with a group called Nitro Girls. Tryouts came to her town in the form of a $10,000 dancing competition and she wanted the money! The rest is history.

She was famous in the wrestling world for her long legs -- so much so she actually had them insured! Apparently the process is even more complicated than buying a house.

Listen to her talk about the process, her upcoming show and how she became a wrestler in the full interview:

Here's a video from her wrestling days demonstrating her popularity... which obviously had nothing to do with her smarts and personality. Warning, it appears to have been edited by a 15-year-old boy:


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