The laundry room is in the other direction. And what do you plan on washing there?

Grand Scamming 1-0-1. If you're gonna go, go big or (and) go home. For now.

A huge, rolling basket to swipe stuff only shows up when you need it in the movies, or in this case, allegedly pilfering from the Red Lion Hotel in Richland.

Richland PD facebook page has some shots for you to peruse and they would greatly appreciate any heads-up if you have recognition or know of the perpetrator's whereabouts.

RPD 3-23-19

We'd also like to know what was jacked, like if it was a huge thing, a couple of kinda huge things or many bigger things tucked among and below the pillows.

And to a bigger point, with literally cameras everywhere these days, and the viral online wildfire that can, and many times does, instantly spreads the news that greatly increases law enforcement's chances that you won't get away with it, why risk it?

RPD 3-23-19

Call 509 628-0333 if you can help.