I hear a lot of people talking about being "Stressed Out" for the Holidays...I think that must be because of all the expectations!

Here's a thought!  Just decide to do it different this year!

I'm deciding to just enjoy the lights, the parties, the days off and the yummy holiday goodies, and of course, the fact that it's a celebration of the birth of Christ.

I'm letting go of all the rest. NO shopping for me! I didn't even do Christmas cards this year. I just wasn't "on the ball" enough! And I barely make my bills and care for my three horses and two dogs. So, I just have no extra money right now.

My kids live out of town now and I won't be seeing them for the holidays, so I am just deciding to relax and enjoy the season around me. I didn't decorate and I didn't buy a tree. You may think that sounds sad, but I'm feeling extremely happy and blessed right now in my life and I'm not sad at ALL! And I'm happy that I won't be in debt this season as I refuse to put ANYTHING on my credit card that I just paid off!

I'm visiting my son in Seattle this weekend, and I just saw my other son who lives in Texas a few weeks ago! So I'm good! And so are they! And we have more trips planned to visit.

So, this Christmas, I'm just going to enjoy being DEBT Free! Well...you know, I still have the house payment and car payment, but you get the idea! No credit card debt! Yay!

So..however you decide to do the Holidays...I just say...YOU get to write the rules! Just decide what will work for YOU and do it! And be okay with however it turns out!